Brian Chan – January Seminar Speaker


Brian’s lifelong passion for fly fishing has resulted in his spending literally thousands of angling days on these world class waters. He has shared his extensive knowledge of aquatic biology, trout ecology, entomology, and lake fly fishing tactics with others, through a number of magazine articles, books, and instructional DVDs on fly fishing. Brian has been featured on many TV fishing shows and is currently a regular guest on Sport Fishing on the Fly and co-host of The New Fly Fisher.

Brian’s topics for our seminar:

  • The Biology of a Productive Trout Lake
  • How to Fish Chironomids in Stillwaters
  • 10 tips to Catching Trophy Trout in Stillwaters (new program!)
  • Fly Tying Demo- Brian’s Favourite Stillwater Patterns
  • Fall Tactics
  • Fish Physiology and Strains of Rainbow Stocked In BC & Why