Arctic Grayling

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Northern Lights Fly Tyers/TUC Edmonton has an opportunity to get involved in a project to study the Arctic Grayling.   Arctic grayling are truly a special fish, but in much of the southern portion of their range, their vulnerability to development, harvest, and changing landscapes have rendered their populations fragile and in need of special care.

Arctic Grayling – photo by KenM

2023 initiatives

  • Onset Hobo Temp data loggers will be installed by volunteers in early June, and retrieved in October.
  • Collect aerial videography for reaches not surveyed during previous years of the project
  • Volunteers will angle for grayling at locations on Rat Creek that have not previously been visited or require follow-up
  • Collect evidence of angler activity (non-compliance) within closed areas using trail cameras.
  • Assist AEPA with volunteer angling survey to evaluate effectiveness of angling closure on Upper Pembina system.

This project is financially supported by the Alberta Conservation Association.

In addition, club members will be volunteering with an Arctic Grayling research project that is aiming to collect tissue samples and photograph 400 Arctic Grayling in Northern Alberta. The goals of the research project are to:

  • Collect photos and tissue samples from 400 graying, establishing a database of meristic and morphometric measures
  • Quantify phenotypic differences between fish that have been genetically assigned to Beringia or Nahanni lineages
  • Discuss the need for taxonomic revision of Thymallus and resulting conservation and management implications

2011-2022 project activities

Visit this page for information about previous phases of our project.


A discussion forum about Arctic Grayling has been created in our online forum.