A number of people have contacted us regarding the requirement to sign on to view the forums. We’d like to explain a little about the forum, and it’s purpose, and match that up a bit with the club, and our principles.

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The purpose of the forum is to provide a meeting place for Club members and non-members to talk Fly-fishing and Tying in their own area. The club was founded on the principles of open access to the hobby (or Lifestyle) of Fly Tying and Fishing – without hindrance, prejudice, or clique.

The site is free to all members and non-members alike and that is how it will continue to be managed unless costs force us to do otherwise.

User accounts are required for two reasons:

  • With an account you can contribute to conversations – and stimulate new conversations
  • With an account we can better manage areas of interest, and protect those of the users

We don’t need your ‘real’ personal information – though a real first name, and surname initial would certainly be helpful – and anything you volunteer beyond that is at your discretion.

We hope that you’ll find some good information, and comraderie within these virtual walls – and hope to see you in the forums….

Cheers! – The Webmins…