HEY HEY GUYS AND GALS!!! Its that time of year where we socialize outside of the club and go out as friends and family for fishing trips and socials. I just need to know who is willing and wanting to share their contact info with others.

I am creating a contact list, rather than chasing and handing out paper permission slips and gathering them all back … I am posting here and in the forum and will be available at the Wednesday night meetings too.

I am asking those who want their NAME, NUMBER AND OR EMAIL listed for availability to others, to please PM me with the required details. REMEMBERto PM me as it is then kept to a particular list and the General can not see your details. You also can email me at Members@nlft.org Subject title: Contact list.

All I require to create this list is: First and Last Name, phone number and/or email. If you choose to only list name/number or name/email that is fine too. Please only list what you want to share and nothing else.
I will leave it up to you as individuals to fine tune contact details after direct contact has been made with another party.

If you have Questions or concerns please MSG/PM me and I will help you out.. The sooner I gather the info the better for all!

Thank you Executive/Director of Membershp