Gearing up for spring!

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I have to start off this month’s newsletter with an apology. Somehow in passing out thanks to our “retiring” executive members, I missed thanking Brian Donnelly for his work on Membership. The fault is all mine. How that happened I don’t know, because Brain certainly is a memorable person, as is his contribution to the Club over the last few years. I could plead pressure of time trying to get the newsletter out on short notice, but that doesn’t wash. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to take the efforts of those friends around us for granted. That isn’t the case with Brian as we all greatly appreciate his work and patience, particularly during the difficult transition period. Sorry Brian. We do greatly appreciate your contribution.

While thinking of passing out thanks, our appreciation goes out to last month’s presenters including: Nick Sliwdanich talking about Wholesale Sports, Phil Rowley showing us The New Fly Fisher and talking about Muir Lake, Laura McPherson talking about Culverts, Brian Bleakley for tying Unibobber patterns and Peter Morrison for talking about “Fishing the Far North”. Thanks to each of you for your efforts.

Our program this month starts on March 3rd with Rick LeBlanc presenting Rick’s Entomology Primer. Week two on March 10th we’ll have Merv Hassler with a Streamer Spectacular. Week three, on March 17th will be our Conservation Session. Cal Kullman will give us an update on the Health of the North Saskatchewan River. Week four on March 24th we will have Peter Morrison back with us, this time talking about Sage Rods. The last week of the month on March 31st will feature the ever entertaining Iron Fly Tyer. I will run the show this year. We will have three victims, er … volunteers, to take on the task of challenging Rick for the coveted title. It is a fun experience and all they’ll face is a tiny bit of heckling.Our upcoming events for 2010 can be found in the list on page two. For March, other than the regular meetings, the main events are: The Edmonton Boat and Sportsman’s Show which runs from March 18th to 21st at Northlands. We’ll need three sets of volunteers to cover off the kids tying, general demonstration and ticket and membership sales. If you give us a full session, you get free admission and we’ll pay for your parking. A sign up sheet is available at meetings. This is a great way to meet the public and discuss fly fishing as a sport and promote fisheries conservation, so come out and give us a hand. Near month’s end, The Fishin’ Hole Outdoor Show is on at the Mayfield Convention Center on March 25th to 28th. Here again volunteers will be needed to set up and man the booths. We’ll have sign up lists at meetings for this event also.

The raffle for the bamboo fly rod donated by Don Anderson is still on. Tickets are selling briskly. We draw the winning number at the Fishin’ Hole Show. Get your tickets soon.

There are workgroups currently planning two main spring events. One, spearheaded by Dave Murray, is working on a “Beginner Tying Seminar “and the other, headed by Dennis Southwick, is working on an “Introduction to Fly Fishing” course. Both are aimed at the general public. We hope to have dates and more information soon.

And final news for the month is a reminder of the upcoming Trout Unlimited Annual Edmonton Dinner and Auction on May 6th at the Edmonton Crowne Plaza. Tickets are $150.00 each which includes your dinner and a TU membership. We’ll need volunteers to assist with various activities on the evening. So mark our calendar to be either an attendee or volunteer for this major Trout Unlimited fund raiser.

Support our freshwater fishery. Without it we lose our pastime