Rainbow Park Pond Rehabilitation

The recent high temperatures are adding to concerns about the ability of trout to survive beyond mid-summer in some stocked ponds due to low dissolved oxygen (DO) and adding to interest in ACA’s Pond Rehab work in which NLFF is involved this year. The experimental project at Rainbow Park Pond near Westlock using alum to significantly reduce total phosphorus concentration while maintaining favourable water quality for fish and invertebrate survival is well underway. The precise amount of alum needed for the volume of water in the pond has been determined and the second of two treatments of the pond by dispersing alum throughout the pond was completed on June 20th.

Now it’s a matter of observation and periodic testing of alkalinity and DO levels into next winter with some trout restocking in the fall. It’s expected that winter DO levels will also be significantly increased. Other ponds facing similar problems are being tested for comparison purposes. We’ve provided an update on the project for local anglers in the Westlock News.

Application of Alum in Rainbow Park Pond