A note of thanks from the winner of our rod raffle

The other day out on the Bow I looked at a huge drop-off on a bend and thought I should rip a streamer through there. Then I thought naw, it goes against my bamboo roots!
I just want to take a moment and thank you all at Northern Lights for your hard work and thank you for providing a most excellent raffle prize. I’m honoured to have won it. I feel bad for those who didn’t, but usually, that’s me too.

When I was a boy my father’s friend lent me his bamboo rod so I could flyfish with my buddy whom I still fish with weekly for over 40 years now. However, I remember it like yesterday. He says to me, “When you get your fly stuck in a tree, don’t just rip it out with my rod! Go back and pick it out. If you break it, I’ll kill you.” I didn’t break it. I carefully pick out my flies… so many times. I did go get my own rod and returned his bamboo. Ever since I’ve been looking at them and saying one day, I’m going to get one.
That day has come in the most excellent way. I didn’t just randomly enter this raffle, I entered because it was for a bamboo rod.

I’m a numbers guy. My number is one and after catching one I can be done for the day and as such, I’ve pretty much only fished dry flies for a very long time. Rest assured this rod will get well used. I now feel like I can be the best princess or dry fly snob I can be, fishing dries with my bamboo rod. It’s absolutely beautiful and I love it. It is easily now, hands down, for sure, my favourite rod!

Thank you, Don, for crafting and donating such a magnificent piece. Thank you, Ken and Northern Lights Trout Unlimited for holding the raffle, mailing my tickets and drawing my name. Also, thank you to Barry for delivering it to my hot little hands. I appreciate all the work you are doing here in our province and I salute you.

I don’t normally, take photos of fish, but in this case, I think it’s apropos so that you know it aint sitting on a shelf.

P.S. Don, I listened to you and just threw on a reel I had in my case, but I was also compelled to listen to the President and thus got a shiny new Islander. Missions accomplished.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

At your service,