2021 Meetings

We will continue with our Zoom meetings on the First and Third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

  • Jan 27 – (Special request) Mike Blackburn on Engagement re: Upper Pembina
  • Feb 3 Gretchen and Al Beatty on “Rotating the Stimulator”
  • Feb 17 Jess Reilly from AEP and Lesley Peterson from TUC will talk about the e-DNA study of bull trout on the Tay River. 
  • Mar 17 Don Andersen – Fly tying tools and tips
  • Mar 3 Mike Sullivan, AEP Provincial Fish Science Specialist   
  • April 7 Jim McLennan – Fly Fishing Writer and Speaker
  • April 21  Zoom Roundtable on fishing and tying gadgets

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