Dismal Creek Riparian Restoration

Day 1: harvest live willow stakes
Day 2: install live willow stakes

Willow stakes will be harvested locally by cutting stems from healthy willow stands at the project site. Branches will be trimmed and the willow stakes bundled then soaked in the creek until they are planted the following day. On the second day, willows stakes will be planted along the bank or the creek. The goal of the project is to add deep-rooted, native woody plants along the creek bank to help add strength to the soils, stabilize the bank, and prevent excess erosion. Willow staking is a bioengineering technique which helps speed up recovery of disturbed sites like this.

This is a great opportunity to help learn about bioengineering and riparian restoration, and help improve the health of Dismal Creek, an important Arctic Grayling stream in the upper Pembina River watershed.

The Northern Lights Fly Fishers has been active in Arctic Grayling monitoring and habitat assessment work since 2011 in partnership with Alberta Environment and Parks and with support form Alberta Conservation Association and Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Volunteers are welcome to sign up for one or both days. Lunch and water will be provided (please bring a refillable water bottle). All tools and equipment will be provided; please dress appropriately for field work.