2016 Angling Regulations

The new fishing regulations have been posted!

Changes of interest to our club:

Recovery Rest Period

  • Due to a conservation concern for a high risk population of Arctic grayling in the upper Pembina watershed, a recovery rest period is being implemented for a period of 5 years. During this time, no fishing will be permitted in the Pembina River and tributaries upstream of Lodgepole.

Tiger Trout

  • In order to evaluate their effectiveness in providing more diversity of fishing opportunities at stocked trout lakes, tiger trout were stocked into three lakes in October 2015. The waters stocked are: Black Nugget Mine Pit (11-49-18-W4), East Twin Lake (29-97-22-W5) and Lower Chain Lake (7-69-23-W4). Tiger trout have yet to be defined as a game fish in Alberta, by federal regulation. Fisheries Management asks that all tiger trout caught be voluntarily released. The required regulation change is expected to be completed and enacted during the 2016-17 fishing season. Anglers are advised to check the Environment and Parks and MyWildAlberta websites for updates.