Pembina Bridge Repairs

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Jim O’Neil (Trout Unlimited Edmonton), Lambert Maier (DeeThree Exploration) with one of two refurbished bridges.

This story is about one of the highlights from our Pembina River conservation project  this year.

Jim noticed some issues with erosion control and damaged bridge structures while doing stream crossing assessment at two sites on the upper Dismal Creek.  He noticed that the bridge was being used by DeeThree Explorations and contacted their HSE Manager, Lambert Maier.  Lambert explained that DeeThree leases the bridges from a forestry company and followed up with them to no avail.  But he didn’t drop the issue, he arranged for DeeThree to install new bridge decks (above the old ones) and took care of road grading and sediment control issues.  We’d like to acknowledge Lambert and DeeThree for responding to this issue and helping to improve this habitat.

1 DeeThree bridge