January Seminar – a great gift idea

Tickets to the January seminar would make a great gift idea!  The seminar will be a full two days with guest presenters Phil Rowley and Jack Dennis.  There will be a variety of presentations including:

  • The Naked Truth – Floating Lines in Stillwaters
  • Terminal Solutions (leader formulas)
  • Baitfish patterns in Lakes
  • Boatman and Backswimmers
  • Top 10 Stillwater Habits
  • Favorite Stillwaters in North America
  • Stillwater Fly tying demo
  • Czech (European) Nymphing
  • What Fish See (Green River Experiment)
  • Tying demo – How to build a better dry fly
  • How to get a PhD in flyfishing
  • Tying demo – World of the Blue Winged Olive
  • 25 of the Best Fly Fishing Tips

Single day tickets are $40, a pass for both days is $65.  The seminar will be at MacEwan University downtown on January 21 and 22.

Tickets are available at Wednesday 7pm meetings at Queen Mary Park Community League or contact tickets@nlft.org

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