NLFF, the Edmonton Trout Fishing Club (ETFC) and the Edmonton Oldtimers Fishing Club each committed some funding and redesigned a new Welcome Sign. Then, with input from family members of those honoured in the Walk of Fame, rewrote the George and Joan Mitchell, Matin Paetz and Lloyd Shea plaques and added Barry Mitchell, Don Andersen and Reg Denny to the Walk.  Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) provided the design work.  To secure the additional funding needed to replace the Education Signs, NLFF applied for and received an ACA Conservation, Community and Education grant. ACA also offered to do the graphic design and Lil Johns Sign Shop offered a significant discount on sign production and installation costs. 

Work on the educational signs began in January, 2021 and should be completed before the end of July 2021. Copies will be posted on this site. Work will then begin on creating a digital version of the educational displays to be advertised as freely available to any individual or organization interested in using the information for educational purposes. QR codes will be added to each display for those who would like to access them digitally.

In 2003 the Fisheries Enhancement Society of Alberta (FESA) developed and installed eight signs at Muir Lake, Alberta, featuring the primary food items available to stillwater trout and angling strategies for imitating those items at each stage of their lifecycle: Backswimmers and Water Boatmen, Caddisflies, Chironomids, Damselflies and Dragonflies, Leeches, Mayflies, Minnows, and Scuds. This effort was part of a larger project to establish a quality, aerated fishery at Muir Lake and also to erect plaques honouring individuals who had contributed significantly to the development of recreational angling in Alberta. The project received a National Recreational Fisheries Award in 2012

By 2020 the displays were becoming unreadable due to the effects of weather and climate. Northern Lights Fly Fishers (NLFF) Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada decided  to undertake the process of fundraising and research to add to and replace the Alberta Angler Walk of Fame plaques, to replace the Muir Lake Welcome sign, and to rewrite and replace the Educational signage. 

A number of people have generously contributed their time and skills to the project:

Photographers and Science Advisors:

  • Rob Hinchliffe, NLFF member and Aquatic Invertebrate Taxonomist for the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, University of Alberta. 
  • Shona Derlukewich, Professional Biologist, Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, and “School of Fish”.

Life-Cycle Diagrams:

  • Rob Hinchliffe, NLFF member and Aquatic Invertebrate Taxonomist, 
  •  Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute at the University of Alberta. 

Text and Project Co-Ordination:

  • Peter Little, NLFF executive member

Copy Editing:

  • Emmerson Dober, NLFF member
  • Ken Monk, NLFF executive member
  • Michael Dell, NLFF executive member
  • Tom Barker, ETFC member and Professor of Communication, Graduate Program in Communication and Technology, Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta.
  • Junior High Students: Malakai Bryant, Ursula MacIntosh

Graphic Design:

  • Charmaine Brunes, Graphic Designer, Alberta Conservation Association

Fly Tiers:

  • Dennis Southwick, NLFF member
  • Florin Sabac, NLFF member
  • Fred Noddin, Fish Monitoring Biologist, AEP, author and outdoorsman
  • Ken Monk, NLFF executive member
  • Michael Dell, NLFF executive member
  • Peter Little, NLFF executive member
  • Phil Rowley,  ‘Phil Rowley Fly Fishing’
  • Rob Hinchliffe, NLFF member, ‘TroutFodder’
  • Stan Baron, NLFF member
  • Tak Shimizu, NLFF member


  • Bill Robertson, The Fishin’ Hole Ltd.
  • Julien Morency / Sales Manager Brecks (re Mepps lures)
  • Jessica Pallister-Dew, Marketing & Custom Manager, Thompson-Pallister Bait Co. Ltd.
  • Lynn Schroter and Susan Debeurs, Lil Johns Sign Shop