2022 Volunteer Angling

Here is a summary of the field work we have lined up for this summer. 

1) Rat Creek Angling

Validate presence of Arctic Grayling in sections of Rat Creek not previously surveyed. Volunteers will angle for grayling in these sections and will collect tissue samples which will be recorded and added to the provincial database.  AEP biologist will not be present, but we will have a research license. 
Variable days; target weeks July 1-31 , flexible for weekdays/weekends
2-4 volunteers per day

2) eDNA water sample collection Use eDNA techniques to confirm the presence of Arctic Grayling in selected streams/stream reaches. Water samples will be collected and filtered at approximately 36 sites. The filters will be preserved and sent to the University of Alberta for eDNA analysis.  Collect / filter water samples on Rat Creek, Dismal Creek, Zeta Creek, Paddy Creek.  We will be accompanied by university researchers. 2-3 days; target week July 25 – Aug 5, preference for weekdays.
2 volunteers per day

3) Genetic research project NLFF is assisting on a research project with a goal to collect photos and tissue samples from 400 Arctic Grayling in Alberta.  Analysis will include discussion of taxonomy of multiple species of grayling.  Our primary role is angling (i.e., catching, netting and releasing fish), but we will assist with other activities  (e.g., holding a fin while a biologist sets a pin);  shuttling fish buckets and equipment between angling locations and the photo location; tending holding/recovery tanks.   Volunteers on this project must complete the Alberta Fishing Education Program.

  • Primary target week is July 4-8
  • 3-6 volunteers will be required each day
  • Camping likely 2 nights at Freeman (Monday/Tues) and 2 nights (Wed/Thur) somewhere near Little Smoky.  
  • Camp locations are being finalized, and will be available in the next few days.
  • You are welcome to attend for single days, any combination up to all 5 days!
  • Angling location for Wednesday is TBD, depending on what happens on Mon/Tues.
  • July 11-15 is contingency for weather/water, or if we don’t catch sufficient numbers. 

Fuel /camping costs will be covered by the club. All participants must be current members of Trout Unlimited Canada. Send an email to Grayling@nlft.org for further information or to sign up.