2018 Cane Rod Raffle

The 2018 rod is Don’s “Original” taper.  7’9″ 5 weight, 2 piece, with 2 tips.  The reel seat fittings and ferrules are Duro Bronze. The guides are Hopkins & Holloway guides in a gold colour (not actual gold metal, because they would wear out fast because gold is too soft).

Don has made around 50 of these “original’ taper rods in his rod making career.  They are a good all-rounder rod for fishing all types of streams.  They can handle anything from a heavy Stonefly nymph to a delicate dry fly.  I know because I have one in this taper, and it is the rod I use for most of my stream fishing.

Thanks to Don Andersen for donating this rod in support of NLFT’s conservation projects.  Find out more information about Don’s bamboo rods at his website:


(Note: the rod is not exactly as illustrated – this year is a 5 weight 7’9″ rod)