Seminar Topics

Here is a preview of the sessions for the April Vokey / Todd Oishi Seminar

  Saturday, January 18  
Todd 2013 Advanced Stillwater Strategies A series of techniques and tactics that are  guaranteed to increasing angling results
April Advantages to Tube Flies Tying demo



Stillwater Bank Fishing Tactics Successful and effective tactics and strategies for bank fishing on still waters
  Lunch Bring a bag lunch, or venture out on your own
April Understanding the Double Haul Casting Demo
Todd Top Producing Stillwater Patterns A fly tying demonstration and the theory behind several of Todd’s top producing still water patterns
April Swinging Flies for Steelhead Power Point Presentation

  Sunday, January 18  
Todd Modern Day European Nymphing Techniques An in-depth study of several highly-effective European nymphing techniques for rivers and streams        
April Your Fly (After the Vise) Power Point Presentation
Todd Essential Patterns for European Nymphing A fly tying demonstration of several of Todd’s most productive patterns for European and conventional nymphing techniques
  Lunch Bring a bag lunch, or venture out on your own
April Materials… Getting The Most For Your Money Tying demo
Todd Fatal Attraction: “An attraction between an individual and someone/something that is so strong, the individual lacks reason and logic in their thinking when dealing with their attraction.” A fly tying demonstration of several patterns that have proved to be absolutely irresistible to trout and grayling