Arctic Grayling

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Northern Lights Fly Tyers/TUC Edmonton has an opportunity to get involved in a project to study the Arctic Grayling.   Arctic grayling are truly a special fish, but in much of the southern portion of their range, their vulnerability to development, harvest, and changing landscapes have rendered their populations fragile and in need of special care.

Arctic Grayling – photo by KenM

2016 project

  • Support AEP recovery rest period.
  • Continue with temperature monitoring program.
  • Remove conservation signage installed in 2013
  • Track tagged fish (previously tagged with PIT tags in 2013 – 2015) in Dismal Creek using stationary PIT-tag arrays
  • Aerial videography of sites using a camera-fitted quadcopter (drone)
    • Assess & delineate key habitat areas
    • Document habitat restoration needs & opportunities

2011/2012/2013/2014/2015 projects

Visit this page for information about previous phases of our project.


A discussion forum about Arctic Grayling has been created in our online forum.